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How to Make Your Own Organic Cannabis Fertilizer

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Whether you are running a commercial Cannabis operation or growing a few plants at home for personal use, Bokashi organic cannabis fertilizer is a nutrient-packed superfood that is high in nitrogen, one of the most important nutrients for cannabis growth. (4 min. read)

Bokashi composting provides two big benefits for cannabis growers large and small. Not only does it help grow better plants, but it also can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by turning waste into nutrient-rich organic cannabis fertilizer.

Whether you are growing a few plants based on the legal limit per household, or you are a commercially licensed cannabis operation supplying cannabis dispensaries, Bokashi composting can help your personal or professional crop.

It can also take household or manufacturing waste and turn it back into something that helps you grow bigger, better cannabis plants.  

Bokashi Composting for Commercial Cannabis Operators

Bokashi Organic Fertilizer for Commercial Cannabis

If you run a commercial cannabis operation, you’ll be interested in the benefits of using bokashi composting as part of your growing process. Not only can you save money by making your own organic cannabis fertilizer, using Bokashi composting can also significantly reduce your waste management costs.

As the commercial cannabis industry continues to increase rapidly, quality remains a priority for most commercial growers. It’s important to produce bountiful and quality crops on a regular basis. The better the crops, the better your business.  

But, at the same time, commercial growers are faced with strict licensing requirements that require them to control their waste disposal. Smart Cannabis operators are constantly looking for the best ways to add waste efficiency to their operation.

The best part about large-scale bokashi composting is that it helps achieve both these unique objectives in one nice, organic package.   

Combined with the Cannabis Waste Granulator by Good Green Earth Co., the Bokashi Plus compost accelerator can turn all the waste from your operation - including root balls - into nutrient-rich, incredibly healthy cannabis fertilizer within weeks.

This powerful machine, which uses a 55-gallon barrel that can hold approximately 400 pounds of cannabis waste, is designed to make dealing with cannabis waste fast and easy. And instead of dealing with waste costs, your growth operation will now have its own, built-in fertilizer generator.


Bokashi Organic Compost Fertilizer for Personal Use Cannabis

 Bokashi Organic Compost Fertilizer Personal Use Cannabis

For the home-grown enthusiast, the Bokashi Compost System is the perfect product for turning your kitchen waste into a power-packed nutritional superfood for your cannabis plants.

According to, Bokashi compost tends to contain more nitrogen than regular compost, which is one of the most important nutrients for cannabis growth.  

One of the other key benefits of Bokashi over traditional composting is how quickly Bokashi can turn food scraps into fertilizer.  What used to take months can now be accomplished in a matter of weeks, meaning you are sure to have some nutrient-rich soil additive on hand for this year’s crop.

And don’t worry if you’re a hard-core believer in using worm composting for your cannabis crop. Bokashi balances excellently with worm composting and the two can be a composting power-duo.

The bokashi process allows cannabis growers to feed their plants using kitchen waste that would normally end up in the garbage can. Fruits and vegetables are perfect for the Bokashi composting process. And, unlike traditional composting, Bokashi composting can include including meat, coffee grounds, fish (except shellfish), cheese, and small bones which are not normally suitable for other forms of composting. However, rotten food, milk, and other liquids do not mix well with the Bokashi process.

Bokashi Organic Fertilizer and Cannabis – A Powerful Combination

Bokashi Organic Cannabis Fertilizer

Bokashi does an amazing job at activating microbial synergy in soil. What does this mean for your plans? The increased availability of carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, and organic acids that bokashi provides to your plants’ roots is exactly what many specialized root stimulation & nutrition products provide. The difference is that Bokashi is completely organic and derived from everyday items you might have otherwise thrown in the trash.

Recycling your kitchen waste & producing sustainable nutrients for cannabis plants is good for you, good for your plants, and good for the planet.

How to Use Bokashi as an Organic Fertilizer for Your Cannabis Plants

 How to Use Bokashi for Cannabis Plants

Whether you are using Bokashi for a commercial or personal cannabis operation, the start of the process is basically the same, only on a different scale. To start fermenting your waste, simply put them in the bokashi bin and mix in some My Good Green Bokashi Plus to help kick-start the fermenting process.

Once the Bokashi bucket is full, close it up and set it aside at room temperature for about 2–3 weeks to allow the fermentation process to complete. You should use the drain plug to drain out the excess liquid every few days.

After this fermenting phase is complete, your Bokashi-powered compost is ready to be drained one last time and added directly to your soil.

You want to inspect the compost to make sure that everything went well. You may see white mold, which is a sign that the process worked perfectly! However, blue, or black mold is an indication that the contents spoiled during the process. This could be because they were bad before going into the Bokashi compost bin, or it could mean that there wasn’t enough Bokashi Plus mixed with the contents to complete the fermenting process correctly.

But all is not lost. Simply add some sugar, some more Bokashi Plus, and bury it in the garden under 5 – 6” of soil. The contents will break down eventually and add a boost to your garden soil.  

And don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to complete completely composted after the process is complete, it will complete its controlled biodegradation directly in the soil, providing ongoing nutrients to the plant’s roots.

And, yes, you should keep the liquid that you drain out of your Bokashi bucket. This “Liquid Gold” is an incredible by-product of the Bokashi process and has a bunch of beneficial uses. You can dilute it (about 100:1 in de-chlorinated water) and use it as an additional, liquid fertilizer. You can pour it down drains and toilets to eliminate odours. And it completely safe for boosting septic systems. Just make sure you use it quickly, as the liquid will spoil with 24-hours of being removed from the Bokashi bucket.

Get Growing with Bokashi

Get Growing with Bokashi

If you’re looking for an organic solution that can help you reduce your carbon footprint while improving the growth habits of your cannabis plants, Bokashi is the perfect solution for your small or large cannabis growing operation.


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