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My Good Green Bokashi Plus Package
My Good Green Bokashi Plus

Turn your food waste into power for your plants!

My Good Green™ Bokashi Plus allows you to harness the power of Bokashi organic composting in your home. Bokashi Plus™ speeds up the breakdown process using our superior culture mix, plus you reap the benefits of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, directly in your gardens. My Good Green™ Bokashi Plus is perfect for use in the My Good Green™ Compost System.

My Good Green Compost System
My Good Green Compost System

Make the most of your organic compost!

My Good Green™ Compost System is an amazing alternative to the mess of the green bin, enabling you to create your own organic compost at home. The system can take everything you would normally put in your green bin and breaks it down in a fraction of the time without smelly odours or bugs. Within weeks, you have everything you need for nutrient-rich soil that will grow stronger, healthier plants!


Superfood for your soil!

Give your garden a healthy snack with My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro. This 100% organic premium soil amendment is hand-made with a proprietary blend of specialty nutrients, vitamins, minerals, superfood complex and probiotic consortium, using an acidic anaerobic fermentation process. Get healthier, stronger plants with increased flavour, colour and yield!

My Good Green Pet Compost Kit
My Good Green Pet Compost Kit

A great reason to scoop that poop!

You love your pet, but you likely don’t love dealing with all that waste. Since pet waste is not typically accepted by the green bin, pet owners are left with few options and all that poop is piling up in our landfills. My Good Green™ Pet Compost Kit easily turns your pet’s waste into nutrient-rich soil for your ornamental gardens, bushes and trees.