My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro FAQ

What is Bokashi Pro-Gro™?

My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro is a premium soil amendment created from the Bokashi culture mix. It is made using Canadian non-GMO wheat bran base, fermented using beneficial microbes, black strap molasses and structured water. We add a proprietary blend of food grade vitamins, minerals organic whole food complex, amino acids, kelp, agro and trace minerals. The result becomes a living organic superfood for the soil with probiotic properties, which supports a healthy and robust growing environment. It is beneficial runoff that keeps helping the environment as it spreads.

Does Bokashi Pro-Gro™ work like Bokashi Plus™ culture mix? Why not just use it?

My Good Green™ Bokashi Plus is a great soil amendment on its own and as made into a microbial tea. My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro is enriched with a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals, nutrients and trace minerals that consistently work to build up soil health and vitality.

Can Bokashi Pro-Gro™ be used with potting soil?

Yes! Bokashi Pro-Gro™ can be used in all types of growing media and containers, as well as outdoors. Be sure to follow the recommended instructions for use on the package.

Can Bokashi Pro-Gro™ be used with synthetic fertilizers?

Yes, Bokashi Pro-Gro™ is an excellent addition to your synthetic fertilizer program. It ‘fills in the gaps’, where synthetic nutes lack certain minerals, fungi, bacteria and nutrients and helps to bio-synthesize salt based nutrients which increases the efficiency and nutrient uptake into the plant.

Will my vegetables look and taste better?

Yes, increasing the nutrient, mineral and microbial density to your food will maximize its potential and increase the flavour and looks of your vegetable and fruit.

How does Bokashi Pro-Gro™ make the plant healthier?

By keeping the soil food web being healthy and working as nature intended. Having everything available that the plant requires in a way that maximizes the uptake and availability of nutrients, minerals and microbes. This increases the Brix % in the plant. Brix % is a measurement of sugars in the plant. % of sugars, represents the mineral and nutrient density of the plant. It also gauges the amino acid content.

How are plants more resistant to pests and disease?

The healthier the plant, the more resistant it is to disease and pest invasion. Higher brix % plants won’t appear as food to sap-sucking pests. As is with nature, the strong survive and the weak fall prey to disease and pests.

Are there any precautions when using Bokashi Pro-Gro™?

Bokashi Pro-Gro™ is an enriched soil amendment and should be used as directed. Limit the amount of Bokashi Pro-Gro™ use on seedlings. A mild tea may be used until the seedlings are more developed.

What does Bio-intensive growing mean?

Bio-intensive growing is a term that refers to the practice of infusing the soil with natural and organic nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms. It creates an eco-environment that mimics nature. Feeding the soil food web many essential components to sustain a healthy robust environment for plants, which strengthens the symbiotic relationship between soil and plants. Bio-intensive growing will actually put life back into dead or dying soil, with no negative effects on the soil, air and water