My Good Green™ Pet Compost Kit FAQ

What types of pet waste can be composted?

All types of pet and animal waste can be composted, including agricultural livestock waste.

I thought pet waste was full of parasites, toxins and fecal coliforms?

The microbes break down toxins, inhibit pathogens and kill fecal coliforms. The resulting composted pet waste is full of nutrients.

What makes the Pet Compost Kit different from the food Compost System?

With the pet waste compost kit, we are not extracting the compost tea. We simply intend to ferment the waste and eliminate odours until it is ready to compost.

Are there any flies and maggots in the pet waste compost system?

No, the pet waste kit is air tight and doesn’t allow for flies and maggots. Be sure to close and seal the lid properly between uses.

Does the pet waste compost system smell?

No, there are no foul odours associated with the pet waste kit. When culture mix is mixed with litter or in a cage, it will kill the pathogens and bacteria that cause bad odours.

What do we do with the fermented pet waste?

Once your compost bucket is full. Leave unit sealed for at least 10 days, then mix fermented contents into soil. Allow 2-4 weeks for fermented waste to turn into nutrient rich compost.

What can we use the finished pet waste compost on?

Composted pet waste may be used as a top dressing for your lawns, ornamental and flower gardens, as well as trees and bushes.