My Good Green™ Compost System FAQ

What food waste can be added to the My Good Green™ Compost System?

All food waste can be composted using this process, including meat, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables and small bones. It is recommended that you cut scraps and bones down to pieces no larger than a golf ball to ensure faster decomposition.

What should not be added to the My Good Green™ Compost System?

Spoiled or rotting food should not be added to the composter. Do not put liquids or oils into the bucket as it may cause contents to spoil. Do not put anything inorganic such as plastic, metals, etc. into the composter. That’s it!

How much My Good Green™ Bokashi Plus should I use when composting?

Pour half a cup of Bokashi Plus™ into the bottom of the composter. Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of mix evenly over approx 2″ of food scraps. Add more for meat and small bones. It is better to add more than not enough.

What is happening to the food waste in the My Good Green™ Compost System?

The food waste goes through an anaerobic fermentation process, ensuring oxygen is kept out of the bucket through its air tight seal.

The micro-organisms break down the constituents of the food waste until it is effectively ‘pickled’.

What do I do with the liquid from the My Good Green™ Compost System?

The ‘Liquid Gold’ is an incredible by-product of the fermenting process. It is full of beneficial microbes, as well as enzymes, micro-nutrients, vitamins and some plant hormones to name a few.


Simply dilute with a ratio of 100:1 de-chlorinated water to ‘Liquid Gold’ and add to plants. Use within a day or so before it spoils.


The ‘Liquid Gold’ can also be poured down sinks, drains and toilets to eliminate odours and remove clogs.


It is also safe and effective to use in septic systems.

I see white mold, is this OK?

Yes. White mold is perfectly fine. It shows that the process is working well. If the mold is blue or black, this is not good. It means that the contents have gone bad and should be buried. This does not mean it is wasted. Dig a hole, put in contents of bucket. Add a cup of sugar and a some more Bokashi Plus™ and cover with 5-6″ of soil. The contents will break down eventually.

What should the contents smell like?

You should smell a sweet pickling smell.

My composter smells putrid. What did I do wrong?

Oxygen is the enemy of the anaerobic process.


• It is possible that the contents have not been pressed down sufficiently to push out all the air.


• The lid may not be sealed tightly. Be sure the lid is firmly sealed after each addition to the compost bucket.


• The ‘Liquid Gold’ should be drained off every couple of days depending on the liquid content, to keep the contents from spoiling.


• Try adding more Bokashi Plus™ and see if that helps. If not, bury contents in a hole, add more Bokashi Plus™ and cover with soil. You will still get nutrient rich soil in about 5-6 weeks.

My ground is frozen. What do I do with the fermented waste?

There are a few different methods for using waste while the ground is still frozen.


• The contents of the My Good Green™ Compost System can be stored for months if necessary. Be sure to drain ‘Liquid Gold’ every 3-4 days.


• Create a Soil Factory using a container or garbage can. Place a layer of soil into the bottom, then add layer of contents. Cover with another layer of soil, mix in well and repeat until full. Cover with final layer of soil. Allow 4-6 weeks in a warm environment and you will be rewarded with nutrient rich soil, without stepping outdoors.


• Dump contents in a pile in garden. Cover with a tarp and wait for warmer weather. Leave covered for 4-6 weeks and you will also be rewarded with nutrient rich soil.