We Love
Our Dirt!

We are passionate about creating products that allow you to make a positive and sustainable change to your own piece of the earth.

Our vision to consistently improve the quality of gardening practices through research and innovation, continues to drive us to develop products that are natural, organic and free from toxins and pesticides. We are dedicated to giving gardeners like you the knowledge, tools and ability to revitalize your soil and maximize the full potential of your plants. We share your desire to nurture strong, healthy growth – in our gardens and in our communities.

Creating a greener earth can start at home!

At My Good Green™ we know that each one of us can affect change on our own small piece of the earth by adopting responsible and sustainable waste management practices. However, we understand that not everyone wants to endure the drawbacks that come along with the traditional methods. Using the green bin can be smelly and messy, and composting outdoors takes too long and attracts unwanted pests. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating products that make it easy for you to change your habits surrounding how you deal with food waste.

Hello Bokashi!

Used around the world for hundred of years, the Bokashi method works in an anaerobic process to kill pathogens and expedite the breakdown of organic waste without foul odours or bugs. The best part is the food waste maintains its high levels of nutrients because it is essentially pickled, so you get organic high nutrient soil for your gardens. You can revitalize your soil health while growing healthier, heartier plants and vegetables.

We’ve worked hard to take this centuries-old method and develop the perfect Bokashi culture mix recipe for today. The gardening industry has taken notice of our handmade organic products and their consistently impressive results. My Good Green™ continues to grow and we hope you will grow with us!

Bokashi Organic Compost System